Job Spotter is an awesome way to explore your community and earn redeemable points, all in the name of helping local businesses. If you spot a hiring sign, take a picture of it and the storefront, and submit it to Job Spotter. We'll send you a gift card in exchange for your submissions. Submit as many hiring signs as you want. There is no limit to the points you can earn.

Rewards Points and Prizes:

Points awarded for approved submissions vary up to 150 points.

According to our algorithm, submissions of help wanted signs from small business that appear to truly indicate a current opportunity to get hired at that location are worth the most. These are the signs that are most useful to people looking for jobs.

Submissions of mass-produced corporate signs that most locations of a chain keep permanently posted that say to go to the company's jobs/careers website are worth fewer points, because these are much less useful to job seekers.

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  • How do I get my gift card?

    As soon as you have approved submissions, you can redeem your points for gift cards by visiting the 'Wallet' page. Redeemed gift cards can be seen in the 'Wallet' view and via email. Gift cards are processed within about two weeks.

  • Why are some of my submissions in the PENDING state for so long?

    Some submissions are processed very quickly, and others take a bit longer.

  • Why are my submissions being marked as duplicate?

    Individual signs that are subsequently captured by multiple users at nearly the same time are flagged in our system as duplicates. Further, signs that you have taken a photo of more than once, within a 30 day period, would also be flagged as duplicate.

  • If I'm looking for a job, how do I see the signs other people submitted?

    The Job Spotter jobs can be found on www.indeed.com by searching for "Help Wanted".